Eric and Joann know that a strong education is critical to a bright future. That’s why they’re fighting to make sure every child has access to a great public education, no matter where they grow up. Together, they have been strong advocates for Monmouth County schools, fighting for our fair share of funding, and have worked to make higher education more affordable for more families. Eric and Joann are working to guarantee our children get the education they deserve by:

  • Fully funding our schools through a long-term plan that will put school funding back in the hands of educational experts and out of politics, and gives our schools their fair share of funding.
  • Making higher education more affordable so that more families can send their children to college. Eric and Joann support freezing tuition rates for students enrolled at state universities, funding student aid, and increasing accountability and transparency in loan programs.
  • Modernizing our schools so that our children have safe facilities, clean water, and 21st-century classrooms.
Strengthening Our Economy

Bright futures for our families depend on a strong economy for Monmouth County. Eric and Joann are working to strengthen our local economy by supporting our small businesses, attracting high-paying jobs to our community, and protecting our shoreline that our tourism industry depends on. As our Assembly members, Eric and Joann are:

  • Making it easier for small businesses to succeed by cutting red tape and streamlining regulations so that it is easier to open and expand a small business in Monmouth County.
  • Attracting new business and industry to Monmouth County to create high-paying jobs. By investing in our local communities, supporting incentives for businesses to open up shop here, and making sure our workforce has the skills they need, Eric and Joann are working to make Monmouth County home for start-ups and new business.
  • Preserving our shore by standing up to dangerous attempts to allow offshore drilling and other policies that would harm our beaches, while investing in infrastructure to withstand flooding and extreme weather.
Standing Up For Our Families

Eric and Joann believe that one of their most important duties as our Assembly members is standing up for our families’ well-being. Together, they have pushed back on the dangerous policies promoted by Governor Christie, sponsored legislation to close the gender wage gap, and fought to restore funding for critical health services. They will continue to protect our families’ health and happiness by:

  • Working to close the gender wage gap that is hurting Monmouth County families. With a new governor in office, Eric and Joann will reintroduce their equal pay legislation that was vetoed by Christie and support every effort to make equal pay for equal work a reality.
  • Restoring the millions in funding for critical women’s health services that was slashed by Christie so that Monmouth County women have affordable access to care like annual exams, cancer screenings, and prenatal care.
  • Protecting access to affordable healthcare for all, even those with a preexisting condition, by standing up against attempts to roll back Obamacare protections.
  • Enacting commonsense measures to end gun violence, like background checks to prevent criminals from purchasing guns, high-capacity weapons restrictions, and keeping guns out of the hands of those who are a danger to themselves or others.
Delivering Real Property Tax Relief

Eric and Joann know that the biggest challenge facing Monmouth County families is the sky-high property taxes here in our community. Our tax burden forces families to stretch paychecks beyond reason, limit their ability to save for other expenses like their children’s education, and puts the dream of home ownership out of reach for too many young couples looking to start a life here. Eric and Joann are working every day to make Monmouth County affordable for all our families by:

  • Cutting wasteful local government spending by making it easier for our hundreds of small municipalities to consolidate or share services. By sharing things such as trash collection and administrative overhead costs, we can drastically lower costs and save money.
  • Ending tax breaks for millionaires that have been preserved under Governor Christie to, instead, expand homeowner tax credits for middle-class families.
  • Freezing property taxes for seniors living on fixed incomes so that more of our retired neighbors can afford to stay here in their homes.
  • Fully funding our schools through a long-term plan that delivers Monmouth County its fair share of funding and helps stabilize our property taxes.

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